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The Gepard anti-aircraft gun tank (FlakPz Gepard) is a German-built, autonomous, highly mobile, all-weather combat-capable anti-aircraft tank that was developed and produced as early as the 1970s. For a long time, it formed a cornerstone of the Bundeswehr‘s air defence. The Gepard was developed to provide the mobile tank and armoured infantry troops of the Bundeswehr with protection against low-flying aircraft and combat helicopters in the tactical context of the battle of the linked weapons. The choice of armament also took into account the combat of heavily armoured attack helicopters such as the Mil Mi-24 „Hind“, whose armour effectively provided protection against projectiles up to 23mm calibre. When engaging ground targets such as tanks or wheeled vehicles, detection and tracking was done visually via one of the commander‘s or gunner‘s periscopes. On the other hand, due to the relatively large calibre of its guns, above those of most infantry fighting vehicles, it could easily destroy lightly armoured vehicles such as infantry fighting vehicles, armoured transport vehicles or other anti-aircraft vehicles.


Because it's important to us!

At Heller, we are constantly working to produce our products as sustainable as possible. In recent years, we have therefore taken many measures to increase resource efficiency as much as possible.

Recycled plastic

Since 2023, we have been producing all Heller model kits with recycled plastic. This gives existing plastic a new life in a great kit while maintaining the same quality.

No bags and film

Instead of packing our sprues in plastic bags, we use tissue paper to transport all components in a clean, protected and environmentally friendly way. Thanks to our seal closure, we do not need shrink film. This also significantly increases the recyclability of our packaging.

Oldies but Goldies

We are proud of our large archive of injection moulds. That is why we rework, repair and improve existing moulds instead of throwing them away. Great models are preserved and at the same time a lot of energy and material is saved. That's why we proudly display the year of manufacture of our moulds and the year of the last general overhaul clearly on every product box.

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