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Citroen B14 Normande

• Engine replica
• Engine bonnet can be displayed

It was at the Motor Show in October 1926 that Citroën presented an entirely new
car, the B.14. The low chassis was lightened and mounted front and rear on
semi-elliptical springs. Braking was on all four wheels with drums, steering was
more gentle and the tank had a capacity of 30 liters. From the point of view of the
car’s appearance, particular efforts had been made towards elegance, and the
B.14 was supplied in two or three harmoniously chosen colors. It can safely be said
that it was the B.14 which allowed Citroën to acquire modern industrial dimensions,
with 35 000 employees, 4 factories, 11 subsidiaries across the word,
and 500 official distributors.


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