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The centrepiece of modern navies, the naval air group, or „Task Force“, allows the projection of large forces in the context of regional crises or more serious conflicts. Structured around one or more aircraft carriers, this unit is protected by anti-aircraft and anti-submarine warfare escort, followed by a squadron train responsible for refuelling at sea. As early as the 1960s, the French Navy set up such groups the new aircraft carriers Clemenceau and Foch were frequently accompanied by Tartar recast escorts, named after the anti-aircraft system equipping the Kersaint and Dupetit-Thouars among others. Away from its home port and sometimes in hostile zones, it is then necessary to supply the group with fuel, ammunition, spare parts and fresh food. This is the role of the tanker refuellers, the first modern vessels equipped for this purpose being the Seine and the Saône. A delicate exercise, refuelling at sea, or RAM, sees several ships sailing together, the tanker often being flanked by the aircraft carrier on one side and a wing escort on the other. The fuel is transferred by means of flexible sleeves, with the goods passing through pallets suspended by a network of cables. Finally, an important detail for all the sailors embarked on these warships, the mail of the families arrives on board on the occasion of such refuelling at sea!


Because it's important to us!

At Heller, we are constantly working to produce our products as sustainable as possible. In recent years, we have therefore taken many measures to increase resource efficiency as much as possible.

Recycled plastic

Since 2023, we have been producing all Heller model kits with recycled plastic. This gives existing plastic a new life in a great kit while maintaining the same quality.

No bags and film

Instead of packing our sprues in plastic bags, we use tissue paper to transport all components in a clean, protected and environmentally friendly way. Thanks to our seal closure, we do not need shrink film. This also significantly increases the recyclability of our packaging.

Oldies but Goldies

We are proud of our large archive of injection moulds. That is why we rework, repair and improve existing moulds instead of throwing them away. Great models are preserved and at the same time a lot of energy and material is saved. That's why we proudly display the year of manufacture of our moulds and the year of the last general overhaul clearly on every product box.

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